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Holy Trinity Lutheran School is a co-educational, independent Christian school located in Horsham in the Wimmera area of western Victoria.

The school was established in 1978 by the Holy Trinity congregation to provide quality Christian education to children of the Horsham and surrounding communities. It is one of a network of over 80 schools run by the Lutheran Church throughout Australia.

Management of the school is in the hands of an appointed School Council to whom the Principal is responsible for the operation of the school.

Our Mission Statement is:
'Holy Trinity Lutheran School is a Christian Community committed to providing a quality Christian Education and the nurturing of young people for a life of faith and service' We therefore aim to:

  • Provide of a Christ centred school helping students to grow in their knowledge, faith and love of their Saviour Jesus Christ.
  • Discover and encourage the development of each student's individual God given gifts.
  • Value each student as a whole person.
  • Nurture each student's special gifts and development in a caring Christian environment.
  • Encourage students to achieve their personal best.
  • Establish and maintain an atmosphere of cooperation, mutual respect and tolerance.
  • Help and support parents in the total education of their children.
  • Employ staff who are practising and committed Christians willing to be fully involved in the development of the school, its families and the congregation.

Holy Trinity Lutheran School currently offers classes from Prep to Year 10, with approval to go through to Year 12, and currently has 19 classes. As well as strong programs in Literacy and Numeracy, we provide well developed and exciting Sport, Music and Visual Art programs.

At Holy Trinity Lutheran School we value each person as a unique and valued gift in the sight of God, with individual talents and potential. As a Christian community, together with Holy Trinity congregation, we work to provide a Christ-centred education with the effectiveness of our goals being realised through the partnership of our school, congregation and parents. We pride ourselves on having a family, Christ-centred atmosphere and community, and the school is open to all children. We thank God for the opportunity to shape and influence the lives of the children placed in our care.

Download 2016 Annual Report (pdf, 299kbs).

Download Statement of Commitment to Democratic Principles (pdf, 157kbs).

Download Holy Trinity Lutheran School Privacy Statement (pdf, 554kbs).

Download HTLS Strategic Plan 2017 - 2019. (pdf, 1010kbs).

Holy Trinity Lutheran School - Teacher with Students

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Holy Trinity Lutheran School - Students in Pool

Holy Trinity Lutheran School - teacher and kids